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Village Food Market Community Card Program

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2017 Community Card Participants and Updates

Totals last updated: September 18th.
All participants have reached their fundraising goals!


Safe, Off-Street Parking

GOAL $5,000

Goal reached to date: $5,000


Interactive Children's Area

GOAL $5,000

Goal reached to date: $5,000


Emergency Preparedness Kit

GOAL $2,500

Goal reached to date: $2,500


Produce Rescue Program

GOAL $1,500

Goal reached to date: $1,500


Upstairs Accessible Washroom

GOAL $5,000

Goal reached to date: $5,000

Community Card Program Information

What Is It?

Village Food Market - Community Card

This program is a partnership between Village Food Market and a registered not-for-profit organization based on Gabriola. Together, we raise funds for a specific project that benefits our community.

Since 2010, Village Food Market has contributed over $100,000 to a wide variety of community projects.

In 2016, the Community Card helped the Rollo Centre upgrade their building, the Gabriola Elementary School build an outdoor classroom, the HOPE Centre replace their old furnace, GERTIE raise funds to upgrade their buses, and the Gabriola Parent Participation Pre-School pay off their deficit. Great projects done by great organizations - all of them!

How Does It Work?

Supporters of your organization pre-load a Community Card (minimum $100) indicating to the cashier the organization they want to support. Each time a card is pre-loaded, Village Food Market donates 5% of the amount loaded to your organization.

Who Can Apply?

Any Gabriola-based, registered not-for-profit organization, including school and community groups.

How To Apply?

The 2017 Community Card Program participants have been selected and no applications are being taken at this time.

The program itself runs for the calendar year, from January to December, or until the organization reaches their fundraising target, whichever comes first. In our selection we look for three things:

  • Does this project have a positive impact on our community?  Does it help improve the lives of fellow Gabriolans?
  • How many people will benefit from this project?
  • Will this project benefit a wide spectrum of our population?

Program Details

  1. Your group must be a registered not-for-profit organization based on Gabriola.
  2. Your project must be for and about Gabriolans.
  3. Your application will be reviewed by our Donations Committee.  Village Food Market has the final decision whether to approve or decline a group applying to the Community Card program. Approval will include a fundraising amount (up to a maximum of $5,000 per organization), the fundraising eligibility period and a specific purpose for fundraising. The Fundraising period cannot be longer than one year and must fit into the January to December time frame.
  4. It is the responsibility of the organization to get supporters to participate in the program.
  5. Community Cards can be obtained from any cashier at Village Food Market. At the time of purchase, your supporter needs to let the cashier know which program they want to sign up for.
  6. Your supporter pre-loads their Community Card (minimum $100). Each time they load their card, Village Food Market will donate 5% of the amount loaded to the fundraising program they choose.  The Community Card can be re-loaded at any time during the fundraising initiative. Only cash or debit will be accepted when loading a Community Card.
  7. Your supporter shops as usual.  When it comes time to pay, their Community Card gets scanned to pay for the groceries and the amount of the purchase is subtracted from the card balance.
  8. The Community Card must be treated as cash. Community Cards can be used by anyone who presents them and CANNOT be replaced if lost or stolen. Village Food Market is not responsible for any unauthorized purchases made using a lost or stolen Community Card.
  9. When the fundraising initiative ends, the customer can continue using their card until they reduce the balance to $0.
  10. Cheques representing 5% of pre-loads made by Community Card holders will be made out your organization every four weeks. We will only make cheques out to not-for-profit organizations, not individuals.  Any funds your organization raises through this initiative must go to the project specified in the application.

2016 Community Card Program Archive

All participants have met their fundraising goals!

Thank you to everyone for making the 2016 Community Card program so successful. More than $20,000 was donated to the community organizations listed below! We are very grateful to be working together to fund local community projects and to be part of making this wonderful island home better for all of us.

The 2016 Community Card Program participants were:

2015 Community Card Program Archive

2015 was the first year the Community Card participants and their progress was shown on our website. We had amazing results with more than $20,000 donated to local community organizations!

The 2015 Community Card Program participants were:


For information on how to participate see: How does it work?

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